Yang Laboratory

Selected Publications

Liu Y, Molchanov V, Yang T. 2021. Enzymatic machinery of ubiquitin and ubiquitin-like modification systems in chondrocyte homeostasis and osteoarthritis. Curr Rheumatol Rep 23:62.

Wang W, Wang M, Ruan Y, Tan J, Wang H, Yang T, Li J, Zhou Q. 2019. Ginkgolic acids impair mitochondrial function by decreasing mitochondrial biogenesis and promoting FUNDC1-dependent mitophagy. J Agric Food Chem 67(36):10097–10106.

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Chen S, Grover M, Sibai T, Black J, Rianon N, Rajagopal A, Munivez E, Bertin T, Dawson B, Chen Y, Jiang MM, Lee B, Yang T, Bae Y. 2015. Losartan increases bone mass and accelerates chondrocyte hypertrophy in developing skeletonMol Genet Metab 115(1):53–60.      

Grafe I, Yang T, Alexander S, Homan EP, Lietman C, Jiang MM, Bertin T, Munivez E, Chen Y, Dawson B, Ishikawa Y, Weis MA, Sampath TK, Ambrose C, Eyre D, Bächinger HP, Lee B. 2014. Excessive transforming growth factor-β signaling is a common mechanism in osteogenesis imperfecta.  Nat Med 20(6):670–675.

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Chen S, Tao J, Bae Y, Jiang MM, Bertin TK, Chen Y, Yang T, Lee B. 2012. Notch gain of function inhibits chondrocyte differentiation via Rbpj-dependent suppression of Sox9J Bone Miner Res 28(3):649–659.     

Bae Y, Yang T*, Zheng HC*, Campeau P, Chen Y, Bertin T, Dawson B, Munivez E, Tao J, Lee B. 2012. miRNA-34c regulates Notch signaling during bone developent.  Hum Mol Genet 21(13):2991–3000.      
*Contributed equally

Keller B, Yang T, Chen Y, Munivez E, Bertin TK, Zabel B, Lee B. 2011. Interaction of TGF- β and BMP signaling pathways during chondrogenesisPLoS One 6(1):e16421.      

Yang T, Mendoza RL, Lu H, Li K, Tao J, Shah R, Keller B, Jiang M-M, Chen Y, Bertin TK, Dabovic B, Engin F, Rifkin DB, Hicks J, Jamrich M, Beaudet AL, Lee B. 2010. E-Selectin Ligand 1 regulates growth plate homeostasis by inhibiting the intracellular processing and secretion of mature transforming growth factor βJ Clin Invest 120(7):2474–2485.    

Tao J, Chen S, Yang T, Dawson B, Munivez E, Bertin T, Lee B.  2010. Osteosclerosis due to Notch gain of function is solely Rbpj-dependentJ Bone Miner Res 25(10):2175–2183.     

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*Contributed equally

Gao Y, Jiang M, Yang T, Ni J, Chen J. 2006. A Cdc2-related protein kinase hPFTAIRE1 from human brain interacting with 14-3-3 proteinsCell Res 16(6):539–547.  

Chen Q, Liang D, Yang T, Leone G, Overbeek PA. 2004. Distinct roles of individual E2Fs in induction of cell cycle entry in postmitotic lens fiber cells of transgenic miceDev Neurosci 26(506):435–445.

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*Corresponding authors

Yang T, Gao Y-K, Chen J-Y.  2002. KIAA0202, a human septin family member, interacting with hPFTAIRE1Acta Biochem Biophys Sin 34(4):520–525.  

Yang T, Chen J-Y.  2001. Identification and cellular localization of human PFTAIRE1Gene 267(2):165–172.      

Book chapters

Yang T, Gover M, Joeng K, Lee B. 2017. Fetal and neonatal bone development. Primer on the metabolic bone diseases and disorders of mineral metabolism. 9th ed. American Society for Bone and Mineral Research.

Yang T, Gover M, Joeng K, Lee B. 2013. Fetal and neonatal bone development.  Primer on the Metabolic Bone Diseases and Disorders of Mineral Metabolism, 8th ed. Wiley-Blackwell.